The EU Gender‐SMART project is focusing on gender as intersecting with other social dimensions in scientific institutions and research fields related to agriculture including food, livestock, fishery, forestry, natural resource management, and farming and rural life.

Since these fields have traditionally been part of (former) agricultural institutes, universities and faculties, they have not been addressed as such in other EU gender initiatives. Though, this research area offers ample opportunity to combine life and social sciences in responsibly applied ways toward equitable impacts while acknowledging the historical embeddedness in the multiple social and gender specifics of food provision, family farming and rural life. This includes global issues around food security, migration and climate change and setups of international fellowships, employment and partnerships.

This approach to food‐, farm‐ and rural‐based research invites to:

  1. discuss a gender‐responsibly combining of life and social sciences;
  2. address family‐work relations in various entrepreneurial settings;
  3. stretch gender as intersecting with race/ethnicity, wealth/class, generation, health status, religion and other social dimensions.

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