Project Coordination

Lead Participant : CIRAD

  • Coordination & project representation
  • Scientific and financial reporting
  • Coordination and planning of project meetings
  • Communication
  • Impact pathway

Building Capacities for Change

Lead Participant: YW

  • Develop effective tools and methods, tailored to meet the partners’ needs
  • Deliver general and topic-specific training programmes on gender equality
  • Offer expertise for institutional change for gender equality throughout project duration
  • Propose tools and methods to partners for the effective involvement of academic communities and key stakeholders

Building a Gender Equality Culture

Lead Participant: TEAGASC

  • Auditing and defining Gender Equality (GE) core values
  • Incorporating GE core values into daily practices
  • Enhancing top management accountability and ensuring middle management involvement
  • Monitoring GE core values adherence

Developing Career Support Measures

Lead Participant: CUT

  • Ensure equal opportunities throughout careers in research & academia (including for administrative and support functions), from recruitment to career development
  • Create conditions for both female and male staff to achieve balance between professional and family life

Reshaping Decision-Making & Governance

Lead Participant: CIRAD

  • Detecting gender biases in structures, procedures and processes related to decision-making
  • Improving inclusiveness and diversity in decision-making through tailor-made actions
  • Sustainably integrating gender in the governance of research, funding and teaching
  • Building Gender sensitive International Science and Innovation Partnerships

Integrating Gender in Funding, Research and Teaching

Lead Participant: WUR

  • Gender dimension as a mark of excellence
  • Develop gender expertise and gender integration
  • Enhance institutional professionalization, embeddedness, visibility, profile and consolidation

Dissemination and Outreach

Lead Participant: CIHEAM

  • Disseminate qualitative and quantitative achieved results
  • Evaluate and share good practices, publications, seminars and conferences, databases, public guidelines and recommendations
  • Share and transfer knowledge and practices with “sister projects” and other initiatives at the regional, national and EU levels

Monitoring and Evaluation

Lead Participant: ISAS

  • Development of a detailed formative and participatory M&E plan and tools
  • Ongoing monitoring and periodic evaluation of GEP implementation, structural change process and results
  • Project implementation assessment


Lead Participant: CIRAD assisted by an independant ethics advisor

  • Respecting human dignity and integrity
  • Ensuring honesty and transparency towards research subjects and notably getting free and informed consent
  • Protecting vulnerable persons
  • Ensuring privacy and confidentiality
  • Promoting justice and inclusiveness
  • Minimising harm and maximising benefit