About Gender-SMART

Gender-SMART (Gender in Science Management of Agriculture & lifesciences, including Research and Teaching​​​​​​​) is about achieving gender equality in Research Performing and Research Funding Organizations operating in the agricultural and life sciences research field. This field, essential to humanity and strongly affected by gender biases, is of specific relevance to implement changes aiming at making research more open to societal challenges.

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Shared Challenges

Gender-SMART unites 9 diverse organizations from 8 European countries which will collaborate to address gender inequalities and integrate gender perspective in research.

  • Building a gender equality culture;
  • developing equal career support measures;
  • reshaping decision-making and governance;
  • integrating gender in funding, research and teaching

Those are shared challenges identified by partners which will be tackled as part of one global process of institutional change engaging the whole organization.

Four Pillars

Gender-sensitive institutional strategies and research actions will generate enhanced, relevant and fully inclusive innovation processes.

Transformative, tailor-made Gender Equality Plans structured around these shared challenges will be defined, and operationalized with the help of Professional gender experts. They will provide support in the domains of capacity building to steer change and guide monitoring & evaluation processes. This iterative process towards change is based on four pillars:

LEARN from each other and from what exists;

INDUCE visible and measurable changes, based on a common understanding of the project impact pathway and by using inclusive and participatory approches;

MONITOR AND EVALUATE progress, encompassing external monitoring and self-monitoring actions;

SHARE the project results with a broad range of stakeholders and contribute to buidling a community of practitioners in Europe and beyond.

Explicit commitment from senior and middle management in the Partner organisations was secured prior to writing the proposal and is incorporated in the project governance and activities.