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Online global conference
‘Cultivating Equality: Advancing Gender Research in Agriculture and Food Systems’, 12-15 Oct. 2021 online

Check out the programme of the by far extensive global conference on gender research in Agriculture and Food Systems. 
Four days with 56 sessions, 4 plenaries and already over 600 participants to learn, exchange and network! 
Among the keynotes you find Bina Agarwal and Andrea Cornwall
Plenary panelists are representing voices from various settings, including farm women as preparing for International Rural Women’s Day on 15 Oct.; 
all address how to move forward research that helps understand and advance positive synergies among sustainable and resilient agricultural, rural and food systems, and equality in societies globally.
We are proud that we could put our combined efforts in the conference as co-organizers from WUR as part of Gender-SMART consortium and CGIAR GENDER Platform

You can still join; registration is free.


For WUR associated: WUR Diversity week, 4-8 Oct

This year there are events every day and you still can register!

Please check out the full programme here, you still can register here.

Specific events hosted by the Gender-SMART project team:

Monday 4 October

Towards a Gender+-SMART WUR
Inspiration workshop & launch Gender+-SMART Award

10.00-11.15hr – Online in English

Let yourself inspire to work on achieving a more safe and respectful culture in the groups you work in.
For this purpose we launch the WUR Gender+-SMART Award each WUR group or team might gain. 
Two inspirational WUR groups will present their efforts which we follow up in break-outs to further orientate and discuss what you might initiate. 
After plenary reports and discussion you will be ready to invest in a Gender+-SMART WUR and start nominating!

Wednesday 6 October

Discussion on the film ‘Picture a Scientist’ 
Implicit bias in academia
16.00-17.15hr, Online in English

We provide for discussion in breakouts and plenary only; the film can be streamed and seen individually through a link we provide in advance.
In 1.30 hours the film illustrates the working of the deeply engrained picture of who is a scientist, a hidden playbook for academic success, and deep-rooted implicit bias in academic culture. It overtly shows the resulting inequality in academia and the effects for women (black) scientists on their career and well-being.
It clearly illustrates with the metaphor of the iceberg how hard it is to detect and change since much does not come out visibly but grows below the surface.
The film ends with illustrating ways forward: acknowledgement and collaborative efforts.
See also: ‘Picture a Scientist’
This 2020 film on US academia has fuelled many discussions worldwide. 
Today it is WUR time to familiarize with the film, and to examine and discuss what we can learn from it.

The film moves, provides persons and situations easy to identify with, evokes shared frustration and despair and also motivates to hope and collaboration.  

Wednesday 6 October

Film & Discussion on the film ‘Picture a Scientist’
Implicit bias in academia
19.00-21.45hr, Online in English
We will see the film together and have discussion in small breakout groups and closing plenary afterwards. 
Since campus buildings still have evening restrictions and weighting participants preferences, we will go online.

Description, see the afternoon discussion session.