D6.3 Inventory of IT-based trainings to gender+ – integration in research, education and funding

D 6.3 Gender-SMART Inventory of IC-based trainings-renewed links Nov 2021.pdf
  • Task leader: WUR, the Netherlands
  • Contact person: Margreet van der Burg (WUR)
  • Work package leader: WUR, Netherlands
  • Contributing authors: Margreet van der Burg, with support of Lut Mergaert (YW), Emmanuelle Bouquet and Jean-Michel Sourisseau (CIRAD), Kelly Rijswijk (WUR), Laurie O’Donnell (Teagasc)

This document D6.3 presents an inventory of IT-based trainings to support Gender+ Integration in Research, Education and Funding as part of the EU Gender-SMART project under Work Package 6. This D 6.3 document together with D 6.2 ‘Framework on Gender+ Integration in Research, Education and Funding’ enables the consortium partners and other readers to strengthen their gender+ expertise and advance gender+ integration in the domain of Food, Agricultural and Life Sciences.