D5.4 “Recommendations for Building Gender Sensitive International Science and Innovation Partnerships”

D5.4 VF International Partnerships.pdf
  • Task leader: Didier Bazile (CIRAD) & Francisco Hinojal (CICYTEX)
  • Work Package leader: CIRAD, France
  • Contributing authors: Didier Bazile (CIRAD), Margreet van der Burg (WUR), Tanguy Lafarge (CIRAD), Francisco Hinojal (CICYTEX) & Rosa Soeterbroek (CIRAD)
  • Contact Person: Didier Bazile (CIRAD); didier.bazile@cirad.fr

The ambitious aim by the Gender-SMART consortium to contribute to the advancement of the gender(+) dimension and -sensitivity in innovative partnerships and projects resulted in three new resources to be used within the Gender-SMART consortium and in EU and other institutions more widely: a literature review; a conceptual framework with 9 indicators derived from the review; a guide to support advancing gender+ equal partnerships and collaboration