D6.4 Integrating the gender(+) dimension in Funding, Research and Curriculum Development; Lessons learned of implementation processes-in-progress

Gender SMART D 6.4 - Integration in Funding - Research - Curriculum -Finalb.pdf
  • Task Leader: WUR
  • Contributing authors: Margreet van der Burg (WUR) with Laurence Guyard, Angela Zeller (ANR) Carmen González Ramos, Francisco Hinojal Juan (CICYTEX), Elvira Lapedota, Marina Marini (CIHEAM- Bari), Jean-Michel Sourisseau, Emmanuelle Bouquet (CIRAD), Panayiota Polykarpou, Dimitris Tsaltas (CUT), Jane Kavanagh, Emma Fogarty, Valerie Farrel (Teagasc)
  • Contact Person: Margreet van der Burg (Margreet.vanderBurg@wur.nl)

This document captures the initiatives and implementation practices and processes of gender+ integration in research, teaching and its funding by the Gender-SMART partners. It exemplifies and shares them publicly with their lessons learned in support of the development of gender-sensitive funding, research and curriculum development. It draws upon the design and implementation of the initiatives and pilot practices as included in the partners’ Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). It especially aims to capture the main lessons learned from their implementation process for sustainability and transferability.