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Gender-SMART is a community of seven European Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) and Research Funding Organizations (RFOs), operating in the broadly framed field of research in food, agricultural and life sciences, supported by two technical partners.

This community has committed to the three following operational objectives:

Seven Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) are actively implemented, tackling the following areas of actions:

  • Building a Gender Equality Culture;
  • Developing equal career support measures;
  • Reshaping decision-making and governance;
  • Integrating gender in funding, research and teaching

Change is steered beyond the project timeline, as GEPs are co-designed with relevant stakeholders, made visible and accessible to targeted audiences and the broader community, continuously supported by the top management, fully integrated and institutionalized, and adopted by target groups into their daily practices

Lessons are learnt and good practices are disseminated within and beyond the academia, through engaging stakeholders beyond Europe and designing tools that are “open to the world”. Gender-SMART adopts a holistic approach combined with a field-specific dimension, the articulation of a sound theoretical framework with more practical knowledge, addressing gender equality as a matter of scientific excellence, as well as a strong commitment to sustainability and openness.

Gender-SMART in a Nutshell

Seven partners who will be implementing gender equality plans:

  • ANR, France
  • CICYTEX, Spain
  • CIHEAM-BARI, Italy
  • CIRAD, France
  • CUT, Cyprus
  • Teagasc, Ireland
  • WUR, Netherlands

Two technical partners specializing gender and change management:

  • ISAS, Czech Republic
  • Yellow Window, Belgium

Thematic Focus:
Agriculture and life sciences

Gender-SMART Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in a nutshell

Gender-SMART is about achieving gender equality in Research Performing and Research Funding Organisations operating in the agricultural and life sciences research field.

After four wonderful years, Gender-SMART has come to an end. Watch the Gender-SMART GEPs and get inspired!

Gender-SMART Good Practices

The Gender-SMART project is a community composed of seven European Research Performing and Funding Organisations, operating in the broadly framed field of research in food, agricultural and life sciences, committed to advancing gender equality. These fact sheets illustrate twelve experience-based good practices collected by the project to encourage and steer change in Gender-SMART partner institutions. Results are meaningful and scalable to reach out to a larger number of beneficiaries.

Get inspired by the Gender-SMART Good Practices and let’s continue together to sow the seeds of inclusion!

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Gender-SMART Briefs & Tools

After four wonderful years, Gender-SMART has come to an end. Gender-SMART partners contributed to the implementation of EU, national and regional gender equality policies by producing evidence-based, context-driven and tailor-made tools and approaches.

Best practices, success stories and recommendations covering specific gender equality topics, as well as change and project management issues have been produced and we hope to inspire other RPOs and RFOS that are striving to steer change for gender equality in their institutions.